Wraps & Rolls

Hummus Tortilla Wrap

Indulge in the smooth, rich fusion of Wrapstar's Hummus Tortilla Wrap. A creamy blend of classic hummus, wrapped in a soft, warm tortilla, this wrap is a symphony of subtle flavors and textures. It's a wholesome, comforting delight, perfect for those seeking a light yet satisfying meal.

Bhuna Chicken Overload Wrap

Experience the bold flavors of Wrapstar's Bhuna Chicken Overload Wrap, where succulent, spiced bhuna chicken meets the soft embrace of a fresh wrap. Each bite is a lavish feast, bursting with rich, aromatic spices, and layered with textures that promise a truly indulgent culinary adventure. A must-try for spice aficionados!


Chicken Popcorn Peri Peri

Ignite your taste buds with Wrapstar's Chicken Popcorn Peri Peri – a fiery fusion of tender, bite-sized chicken morsels and the zesty punch of Peri Peri. Each crunchy bite is a whirlwind of flavours, perfectly seasoned for those who crave a spicy, tantalizing twist on a classic snack.

Veg Spring Rolls

Savor the crisp, delightful embrace of Wrapstar's Veg Spring Rolls. A mosaic of fresh, vibrant vegetables, delicately wrapped in a golden, flaky casing. Each roll is a harmonious blend of crunch and zest, offering a delectable journey through a garden of flavors in every bite. Perfect for the discerning vegetarian palate.


Aloo Paratha

Wrapstar's Methi Paratha is a delightful twist on tradition. Infused with the aromatic goodness of fresh fenugreek leaves, this paratha is a soft, flaky treasure, griddled to golden perfection. Each bite offers a comforting warmth, mingling rustic flavors with homely charm, perfect for any meal of the day.

Butter Chicken Paratha Combo

Wrapstar presents the Butter Chicken Paratha Combo - a luxurious meld of creamy, rich butter chicken, served alongside our flaky, buttery parathas. This combo is a culinary embrace of indulgence, where the bold spices meet the comforting warmth of bread. It's an irresistible duo, crafted for the connoisseur's palate.

Signature Bowls

Rajma Chawl Masala Bowl

Wrapstar's Rajma Chawal Masala Bowl is a heartwarming homage to a classic. Tender, spice-infused rajma beans paired with aromatic basmati rice, each spoonful is a celebration of robust flavors and homely comfort. This bowl is a soulful, nourishing experience, capturing the essence of traditional Indian cuisine.

Bhuna Chicken Butter Rice Bowl

Wrapstar's Bhuna Chicken Butter Rice Bowl is an exquisite symphony of flavors. It features succulently spiced bhuna chicken atop a bed of buttery, fragrant rice. This bowl is a culinary masterpiece, offering a luxurious blend of rich, aromatic spices and silky textures, perfect for those who relish a hearty, flavor-packed meal.

Flavoured Fries

Peri Peri

Savor the fiery zest of Peri Peri flavor on every crispy fry. Each bite ignites your taste buds with a tantalizing blend of spices. Indulge in the perfect balance of heat and tang, elevating your fry experience. With Peri Peri seasoned fries, every moment is a spicy sensation.

Cheesy Chilli

Savor the irresistible blend of heat and cheese with Wrapstar's Cheesy Chili dish! Packed with a hearty, spicy chili and oozing with melted cheese, all wrapped in a warm, soft tortilla. It's the perfect comfort food with a kick, tailor-made for those who love their flavors bold and cheesy!


Masala Chas

Masala chaas typically contains a blend of yogurt, water, and various spices such as cumin, coriander, ginger, and green chili. This refreshing Indian beverage offers a tangy flavor with a hint of heat, making it a popular choice for cooling down during hot weather or accompanying spicy meals. Its probiotic-rich nature also provides digestive benefits.

Jal Jeera

Jal jeera is a traditional Indian drink made with water, cumin seeds, mint, coriander, and other spices. This flavorful concoction offers a refreshing and tangy taste, often served chilled as a popular summer cooler. Its blend of aromatic spices not only provides a burst of flavor but also aids in digestion, making it a beloved beverage in Indian cuisine.


Nut Brownie

Nut brownies typically consist of a rich, chocolatey base made with cocoa powder, butter, sugar, and eggs, combined with chopped nuts such as walnuts or pecans. These indulgent treats offer a perfect balance of fudgy texture and nutty crunch, creating a delightful sensory experience with every bite. Whether enjoyed warm with a scoop of ice cream or savored on their own, nut brownies are a beloved dessert for chocolate lovers everywhere.

Cheese Cake

Cheesecake is a decadent dessert comprised of a creamy, cheese-based filling, usually made with cream cheese, eggs, and sugar. This velvety mixture is poured over a buttery graham cracker or cookie crust and baked to perfection. Topped with various toppings like fruit compote, chocolate ganache, or caramel sauce, cheesecake offers a luxurious taste experience that's hard to resist.

Scoopy Dooby Ice Cream


Indulge in the creamy delight of Malai with Wrapstar! Our signature Malai wrap brings together the richness of fresh cream, balanced with aromatic spices, wrapped in soft, warm flatbread. Savor the perfect blend of flavors in every bite. Treat yourself to a taste of luxury with Wrapstar today!

Kesar Pista

Indulge in the exotic flavors of our Kesar Pasta, a fusion of Italian cuisine with Indian essence. Delicately crafted with saffron-infused creamy sauce, tossed with al dente pasta, and garnished with premium nuts. Experience a symphony of taste that tantalizes your palate.

Milkyway Shakes

Butter Scotch

Indulge in creamy decadence with our Butter Scotch wraps! Experience the rich blend of smooth buttery sweetness combined with hints of caramel in every bite. Elevate your taste buds with our irresistible treat, available exclusively at WrapStar.

Choco Chips

Indulge in the blissful delight of our heavenly Choco Chips. Made from the finest cocoa, each bite bursts with rich chocolatey goodness. Perfect for baking, snacking, or topping off your favorite desserts. Elevate your taste buds with WrapStar's irresistible Choco Chips.